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Tiger delay Spray temporarily reduces sensitivity of the penis, which helps to delay ejaculation in cases of over-rapid or premature ejaculation. It delays ejaculation by simply spraying a few pumps onto the tip of the penis a few minutes before intercourse for pleasurable and delayed ejaculation during intercourse.

Delay sprays are meant to reduce sensitivity in the most sensitive areas of the penis to delay ejaculation. 

Delay sprays, premature ejaculation sprays, penis desensitizing sprays—these products come with a lot of names attached, but they all have the same purpose, and some have similar ingredients. 

Primarily, delay sprays are made with desensitizing agents like lidocaine or benzocaine and other ingredients. 

Start with the minimum number of recommended sprays and work your way up no matter which delay spray you're using.

If you get carried away because you figure the more spray you apply the longer you'll make it, you can desensitize your penis so much that things just don't work out because you can't feel anything.

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