About Us

E-Pharmacy is a new kind of pharmacy, an online pharmacy. We are anything but the old type of pharmacy where you have to wait in line to talk to a pharmacist who probably would love to be somewhere else. 

E-Pharmacy was founded in 2018 with the purpose of saving and changing lives, one person at a time. E-Pharmacy is a registered business in Ghana and with the Copyright Office. Imagine a Ghana where medication is delivered in the shortest possible time and finding medicine is easy and fast. This is the kind of Ghana we, at E-Pharmacy are building.  A fast, reliable and safe delivery of basic healthcare right to your phone wherever are you.

Our pharmacists are always ready to assist and see to your health needs. We pride ourselves in developing and maintaining a relationship with yourself and your family through the ages. We are trusted and valued by over 200 families across Ghana. 

With us, you have access to personnel who are on a mission to change the way people get their medicine in Ghana. Simply speak to friendly, caring pharmacists who carry prescriptions straight to your door wherever you are, at the tap of your phone. 

We are reducing the stress involved in accessing healthcare; the long queues, the lack of inventory and of course, the awkward interactions at a pharmacy outlet.

You can message, call or video chat a pharmacist about your health needs and concerns with no worries that the interaction would be awkward.

Our mission is to improve lives through innovative technology in healthcare, by providing timely and accessible delivery of health needs to all its stakeholders. 

We make it our goal to search and find products you are looking for and deliver these medication to your doorstep. We are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients and make sure you can call on us at any point of your recovery to full health and strength.

Join our family today.

With love,